February 3, 2017

Our Sponsors


Electrotherm India Ltd. will be sponsoring Team Impulse (Indus ROBOCON Team) continuously for the 2nd year. The team is highly obliged with this decision of the company. Both,club and team are thankful that they realized the caliper of the team & helped them monetarily.

Electrotherm India Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of Induction Furnaces. Electrotherm is also the only Indian company with indigenously developed world class technologies of global scale.




                              We really thank the management of Svayambhu Hospital that they realized the potential of our team & happily sponsored the students.

                   “Svayambhu is one of the best hospitals in Ahmedabad located in Vastral (Ring Road), right at the center of the medical tourism hub of Gujarat. At Svayambhu hospital all major medical and surgical services are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Svayambhu hospital, a center of excellence is well equipped with state of the art laboratory and medical equipment. Their medical team comprises of highly qualified consultants, physicians, surgeons, anesthetists, medical technicians and well-trained nursing staff.”

They also provide the provision of Online appointment & various other assistance.


                                   THANK YOU  Mc Machines.

                                   Mc Machines is a trusted name in cable jointing kits industry for over 25 years now. They have been fortunate to have earned the love and respect of all their clients most of whom are reputed key utility providers in the energy sector. End users of their cable jointing kit, however, know us better by their brand name Poly seal. But threw’ whichever name they know them, their impression in the minds of people remains the same forever.